Top 8 Jobs for Political Science Majors

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On the off chance that you are interested in recent developments, need to shape open arrangement, and feel called to support, political theory merits considering as a significant.

In any case, regardless of whether you would prefer not to work in governmental issues, political philosophy can be a strong establishment for some vocations.

Political theory majors concentrate on how laws made and the relative structures of governments over the world. They figure out how the open approach is detailed and the effect of strategy on people’s social and monetary status.

Career Choices for Political Science Majors

Notwithstanding employments in governmental issues, there are numerous other profession alternatives to consider. Political theory majors create stable composition and examination aptitudes.

They find how to make a persuading contention and back it up with realities. Understudies of political theory sharpen their introduction and verbal, relational abilities as they share their work with staff and friends.

Political theory majors refine their expository abilities while investigating strategy activities and considering the repercussions of government activities. The underlying reasoning is fundamental to assessing the foundation of ideological groups and the effect of initiative changes.

Policy Analyst

Since political theory majors study the procedure for creating an open approach, the job of strategy investigator is appropriate utilization of their work as an understudy.

Like political theory majors, strategy experts must devise a sound proposition and fabricate an enticing contention possibly in support of the selection of a specific arrangement activity. Likewise, experts utilize their comprehension of the political and administrative procedures to enroll the help of people who can help advance activities.

Compensation: According to PayScale, the regular pay for an approach investigator is $59,135. As far as salary goes, the top 10% acquire $82,000 or higher, and the base 10% win $42,000 or less.

Legislative Assistant

Congresspersons get together individuals, delegates, and other chosen authorities at all degrees of government recruit aides to assist them with carrying out their obligations.

They evaluate the enthusiasm of constituents regarding current policy-driven issues and present their chosen authorities’ perspectives inside a concrete structure. Authoritative associates react to constituent requests and help to determine the problems of residents inside their ward.

Authoritative colleagues research strategy issues, track enactment and study the places of different officials pending law. They get quick briefings for their official and other office staff.

Pay: According to PayScale, authoritative associates win a normal of $40,299, with the top 10% winning $67,000 or more and the base 10% procuring $31,000 or less.

Public Relations Specialist

Advertising agents impact widespread feeling about their customers dependent on setting stories with the media. Political theory majors build up the composing abilities expected to draft convincing official statements and the authoritative aptitudes to declare the advantages of covering a specific story.

They additionally figure out how feelings are shaped, and the job of the media, as they research recent developments during their investigations.

Advertising experts frequently compose and expose public interviews and different occasions to pull in media consideration and get the word out about their customers.

Political theory majors increase some knowledge into this procedure as they study the mechanics of arranging effort occasions and open appearances by government delegates.

Pay and Job Outlook: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), advertising authorities earned an average yearly salary of $61,150 in May 2019, with the top 10% acquiring $115,430 the base 10% procuring $34,590 or less. BLS anticipates that employments in field should develop by 6% somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2028 – about as quick as usual.

Social Media Manager

The widespread feeling progressively formed by internet-based life. Political applicants, authorities, gatherings, and intrigue bunches need internet-based life supervisors to screen the constituents’ perspectives about their organization and current issues.

Internet-based life supervisors must comprehend different web-based life stages and organize battles to shape their clients’ views. Political theory majors know how feelings are framed and impacted by various media and can be instrumental in defining and executing these plans.

As indicated by PayScale, internet-based life administrators win a normal of $50,815, with the top 10% procuring $78,000 or more and the base 10% acquiring $35,000 or less.

Marketing Research Analyst

Economic specialists examine how customers will react to items or administrations, much like political theory understudies survey the responses of expected voters to applicants.

Political theory majors study the job of overview exploration and assessment surveying in crusading. Crafted by economic scientists frequently includes studying purchaser responses to potential or current items and administrations.

Statistical surveying experts can take advantage of the information on research principles that the political theory major has when planning experimentally feasible examinations. They should introduce their discoveries to customers and colleagues and back up their suggestions with information.

Compensation and Job Outlook: According to the BLS, statistical surveying experts earned an average yearly pay of $63,790 in May 2019, with the top 10% acquiring $122,630 or more. The base 10% procuring $34,350 or less.

Political Consultant

Political specialists utilize the information on the legislative procedure picked up by political theory majors to devise methodologies for a contender to impact voters and additional support in their crusades for office. Political experts help to mark up-and-comers and fix harmed pictures.

They endeavor to impact media inclusion of applicants by offering ideal stories and positive takes on the past exhibition of the up-and-comer. These laborers may study expected voters to perceive their response to a competitor and the premise of their conclusion.

Pay: Glassdoor gauges that political experts win a normal of $77,368.


Legal counselors working for political figures, intrigue gatherings, and campaigning firms utilize the lawful examination abilities created by political theory majors to lead research about administrative and strategy issues.

They help draft and alter the language for bills, and survey the legitimate points of reference for pending enactment.

Lawyers define and convey contentions for their customers’ benefit and endeavor to impact leaders about the benefits of their position. They utilize political canny in different zones of the law too.

Legal advisors select thoughtful jury members and edge their cases in ideal manners when there are controversial policy-driven issues identified with preliminaries.

Pay and Job Outlook: The BLS gauges that legal counselors earned an average yearly salary of $122,960.

Intelligence Analyst

Insight experts work for furtive offices of the administration like the CIA and National Security Agency. They tap the political theory significant’s comprehension of political gatherings to evaluate advancements in the world’s unstable territories.

These examiners study-specific meetings that represent a danger to security, and break down examples of initiative and mainstream support.

Insight experts compose reports with their discoveries, and present briefings to organization initiative and official and administrative pioneers and staff. Moreover, information on unknown dialects utilized by potential psychological oppressors causes experts to examine likely dangers.

Compensation: PayScale gauges that insight examiners acquire a normal of $69,737, with the top 10% winning $103,000.

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